Santa Hat Brownies with milk

with all the holiday parties coming up, why not bring something with some extra holiday spirit? These easy brownies are a big hit. Adding red and white paper straws to your drink table, sets a holiday mood.

Use your regular brownie mix but instead of putting in pan, grease and coat mini cupcake pans with cocoa power.

*TIP. I always use cocoa powder to coat any chocolate cake or brownie pan. It acts like flour and doesn’t leave that white powdery look.

Fill the bins 2/3 full and bake at 350 and bake for 10 to 12 minutes depending on your oven.

* TIP watch the 1st batch, because these are small they bake quickly.

while brownies are cooling on rack, prepare strawberries, wash and pat dry. Cut off green stem and cut a bit of point (better for putting that final dab of frosting for hat.) You can either use the strawberry like this or hull (remove center)

After brownies cool, use your favorite white frosting and either pipe on white M1 tip or smooth on a layer with knife.

Place strawberry on top and dap frosting on tip of strawberry to finish off.

For added holiday fun. Put milk out with a pretty red ribbon, red and white paper straws. I get small glass milk containers at the dollar store in the glass section and put those out for added fun.